Deconstructing the Myths that we are Separate.


The Separation Myth Project is an ongoing collection of films that explore the histories and myths that keep us separate, and ways to break through those barriers to come together.


Whose Utopia?

Exclusion in Oregon

Exclusion in Oregon explores the little known facts around the state of Oregon’s history of exclusion. Originally founded as a “white utopia” we examine how this affects people of color to this day and what can be done to bring healing to this legacy of separation.

Finding Home

at the Mims

Some of the first African American owned homes in Eugene, Oregon, the two Mims houses served as safe harbors for people of color. These homes hosted dozens of African American travelers, including college athletes and touring musicians like Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald, who were not welcome to stay anywhere else.

This film was made as a part of the Oregon Humanities “This Land” project.

The Walls

we create

This is the story of how the Ashland, Oregon community came together in these times when walls are being built to divide us from Mexico, to create a different kind of wall. Does art have the power to transform walls into symbols of unity rather than force of division?

Perhaps we can end the perception of separation by painting one wall at a time.


The Separation Myth Series

examines the formation of ethnic divides across the United States, one region at a time. From the Northwest to the deep South this series will uncover the origin of the oppressive myths that keep us separate and examine solutions to heal.

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